Soda Bread Recipe – Traditional Irish Bread

Soda Bread Recipe – Traditional Irish Bread

Ingredients: 4 cups all-purpose flour, 1 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. sugar, 2 cups buttermilk or yogurt.

Recipe: Sieve the dry ingredients into a large bowl. Add the buttermilk and start kneading to make a soft dough. While kneading you will notice the soda and buttermilk reacting. Form a round loaf and place it on a lightly-floured baking sheet. Cut a cross on the top of the loaf. Bake the soda bread in a preheated oven at 425 F for 35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the loaf comes out clean. After baking cover the soda bread with a piece of parchment paper and a clean kitchen towel to prevent it from hardening too much on the outside.

Soda breads are very popular throughout Ireland and there are many varieties of recipes for them. This recipe is the very basic one from where you can start.

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