Cuban Barbeque Sauce Recipe

Ingredients: 1 small white onion, chopped; 5 cloves garlic, pressed; 1/2 cup of fresh juice from sour orange; 1 tsp. fresh oregano; 1/2 tsp. cummin seeds; 1 tsp. sea salt; 3 tbsp. sunflower oil, 6-7 black peppercorns.

Recipe: Put onions, garlic, orange juice and oil in a blender. Crush all dry ingredients togather and add them to blender. Process for one minute. Marinate meat (chicken, beef, pork or fish) for at least one hour with the resulting barbeque sauce. It is ok to marinate bigger chunks of meats overnight. Brush meat frequently with the barbeque sauce while cooking. Add more salt to meats during cooking, according to taste.

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